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*EquityBrix is an Advanced Technology Company and Marketplace, not an investment advisor.


What is Fractional Investing?

Fractional Investing allows you to own a fraction of private financial assets previously inaccessible to everyday investors.

Get a Piece of the Action


Everyone deserves a piece of the pie

Fractionalized investing allows everyday people to benefit from high-quality investments without "breaking the bank"


Invest with Confidence

Invest with confidence in some of the most sought-after, carefully selected private investment opportunities.


Here, have
a slice!

Buy, hold, or sell shares of businesses, real estate and more. Earn income, capital appreciation, and build wealth

Whyinvestors are choosing
to build wealth through fractional


Earn Passive Income

Depending on the investment offering, benefit from ongoing rental or interest income


Capital Appreciation

Growth wealth as the value of your investment appreciates


Flexible Investment Amounts

Invest anywhere from $100 to $1M or more, build a portfolio across one or several types of investments


Greater Transparency

Sponsor are required to provide greater transparency and accountability related to the 'Use of Funds' & Key Milestones


Increased Access

Gain access to high-quality investments typically inaccessible, too expensive, and unavailable to everyday investors


Investment Liquidity

We record investment details on blockchain, ensuring a definitive record of ownership, & enabling secondary aftermarket trading

Investing with YOU in mind

Carefully vetted investments for wealth building

Most alternative investments are typically inaccessible and too expensive for everyday investors. EquityBrix overcomes these hurdles to make these investment opportunities accessible for all.


We use experienced real estate & business experts, and AI to research, vet, and offer only investment opportunities we believe offer solid potential returns.

EquityBrix is a New Kind of
Investment Marketplace

Modern Investment Solutions

Fractional investing has many advantages (access to previous inaccessible investments, smaller investment amounts, increased liquidity...), but we also realize that it is a new concept. EquityBrix handles the underlying complexities of the process so you can focus on selecting the right investments for you.

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Fractionalization & Fractional Investment Offerings

EquityBrix works with real estate owners & developers, as well as businesses (aka Deal Sponsors) to help fractionalize and tokenize their investment offerings, list their offerings to the EquityBrix Marketplace, and on the Sponsor’s Private-labeled Investment Portal site.

Investment Transactions Recorded on Blockchain

EquityBrix tracks, records and tokenizes your investment transactions on blockchain to provide a clear record of ownership and to increase liquidity (through secondary aftermarket trading).

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Promoting Transparency and Liquidity

We provide Sponsors (property owners & developers, as well as businesses who offer fractional investment opportunities) with the tools they need to keep you up-to-date and informed with the latest information related to your investment.

Fractional investing on EquityBrix is a new and better way to make private investments, receive updated info on your investments and to benefit from increased investment liquidity through our forthcoming Secondary Aftermarket Trading Exchange.

Your fractional investing launchpad

EquityBrix makes it easy discover new high-quality investment opportunities that are right for you

Note: EquityBrix is an Advanced Technology Company and Marketplace, not an investment advisor or funds manager.

Investment Offerings on the EquityBrix Marketplace

Whether you are a seasoned investor or novice, check out our growing Fractional Investment Marketplace


Individual Properties

You're in control. Invest directly in individual real estate deals on the EquityBrix Marketplace.



A simple, and easy way to diversify your real estate portfolio with just one investment.



Invest in high potential early-stage businesses or even established private businesses.

How EquityBrix Works

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2: Choose Your Investments

Build your own portfolio of high yield investments based on your personal risk/reward profile.


3: Start Earning

Depending on the investment, start earning rental or interest income, as well as capital appreciation.


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