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Advanced technology solutions for real estate property owners,
real estate developers, business owners, and investors.


Introducing EquityBrix

Imagine a world in which anyone, anywhere can afford to invest in previously inaccessible real estate, new businesses, special projects and build their own personalized, fractional investment portfolio.

EquityBrix is a Next Generation, Blockchain-integrated, Advanced Fractional Investment Technology Platform.

For Sponsors, our platform provides an All-in-One  Investment Fundraising, Investment Management and Marketing/Sales Solution.

For Investors, the EquityBrix Marketplace serves as a gateway to ever growing array of carefully vetted, fractional investment opportunities.

Our Vision

Creating a world where anyone can build wealth through fractional investing; and where investors obtain and reward Sponsor transparency and accountability.



Creating a more efficient investment marketplace through our next generation technology platform.



The EquityBrix Platform serves the needs of investors, property owners, real estate developers and businesses. 

Our Mission

To have fractional investments as part of every investor’s portfolio, and to streamline the secondary aftermarket trading of fractional investment ownership.

black chain

Modernizing and Simplifying Investing

Blockchain, Tokenization, and Fractionalization will change the investing forever; offering endless possibilities to improve, streamline, automate, and modernize the real estate and early-stage business investing. 

EquityBrix advanced technology platform will be at the forefront of many of these changes.

Our Platform

EquityBrix provides a suite of advanced technology solutions to issue, manage and transfer tokenized real estate assets, and businesses, as well as to perform other financial transactions using Distributed Ledger Technology (aka Blockchain infrastructure).


What We Offer

We offer a suite of tools to property owners, businesses, and investors.


Fractionalized Assets (properties, funds, businesses)


White-labeled Investor Portals for Sponsors


A Fractional Investment Marketplace


Investment Management Tools

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