Investing for the
‘rest of us’

Carefully selected investments for wealth building.

These investments are typically inaccessible or require too much capital for everyday investors.

EquityBrix overcomes these hurdles to make investing accessible for all. Simple enough for new investors, but powerful enough for professionals.

Next generation investing, for today’s investors.

How Fractional Investing Helps You Build Wealth

Alternative investments are a valuable part of any diversified investment strategy and offer unique benefits to investors.


Earn Passive Income

Depending on the investment offering, benefit from ongoing rental or interest income


Capital Appreciation

Growth wealth as the value of your investment ownership appreciates


Flexible Investment Amounts

Invest anywhere from $100 to $1M or more, build a portfolio across one or several types of investments

Why invest in private real estate?

Private real estate has outperformed US equities and fixed income on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis since 2000.


Your Fractional Investing Launchpad

EquityBrix makes it easy discover new high-quality investment opportunities that are right for you.

“The combination of blockchain and real estate shows a clear trend from the illiquid to the digital and liquid real estate investment.”

— Ernst & Young

Investment Offerings on the EquityBrix Marketplace

Whether you are a seasoned investor or novice, check out our growing fractional real estate marketplace


Individual Properties

You're in control. Invest directly in individual real estate deals on the EquityBrix Marketplace.



A simple, and easy way to diversify your real estate portfolio with just one investment.



Invest in high potential early-stage businesses or even established private businesses.

EquityBrix Blog

The latest trends in
real estate

Learn more about the benefits of fractional investing and the latest trends.

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