EquityBrix Launches the World’s First All-in-One Fractional Real Estate Investment Marketplace-as-a-Service Platform for Growing Wealth and Business/Asset Value

April 16, 2024
CONTACT: Bruce Worrall

Introduces a fractional real estate investment network of private-labeled marketplaces for property owners, commercial and residential developers – built on the Casper Blockchain.

(BELLEVUE, WA.) — Today, EquityBrix announced the public beta launch of its Fractional Real Estate Investment Marketplace-as-a-Service Platform.

The EquityBrix Platform provides a full suite of Web 3.0 automation tools to help commercial and residential real estate developers and property owners streamline their operations; find, engage, and manage fractional investors; increase asset value, and build wealth.

Developed with support from Casper Labs, the marketplace is built on the Casper Blockchain to ensure a highly flexible and secure environment for managing and monitoring a high volume of real estate transactions in a tamper-proof and trustworthy manner.

Pioneering The Future of Private Investing and Wealth Creation

The ways in which today’s investors build wealth buying and selling real estate is fundamentally changing. Today’s savvy investors demand more. They want access to ground-floor, cash-flow generating and/or high return fractional investment opportunities, personalized to their investment goals. They also expect greater transparency into how investment funding is being used; self-service investment tools; and increased liquidity, says Corey Donahue, Chief Investment Officer of EquityBrix and CEO of Bettr Homes.

At the same time, real estate developers and property owners are seeking ways to reduce cost, streamline operations, and find new US and international investors to provide investment capital for their projects, says Dolmar Cross, CEO of Zombie House Buyers and the Real Capital Group.

The EquityBrix Platform marries the needs of investors, real estate developers and property owners, providing robust fractional investment marketplace technology, business automation, investment management tools, transparency, and liquidity. Best of all, all EquityBrix-powered, Private-label Marketplaces will be connected to EquityBrix Secondary Aftermarket Trading Exchange, thereby providing increased liquidity to both investors and real estate owners” said Bruce Worrall, Chief Executive Officer at EquityBrix.

The Tools and Resources Needed to Grow Your Real Estate Business.

EquityBrix Fractional Real Estate Investment Marketplace-as-a-Service provides the tools real estate developers and property owners need to cost effectively grow their real estate business and build asset value by seamlessly integrating blockchain, CRM, marketing, and funds transfer, treasury management and accounting. EquityBrix provides …

● Private-Labeled, Fractional Investment Marketplaces with Partner Revenue Sharing

● Fractionalization & Tokenization of Assets and Investment Offerings

● Private-Labeled Sponsor Investor Portals

● Fractional Real Estate Investment Marketplace Deal Listings

● Streamlined Investor Onboarding including KYC, AML, eSignature, Bank Connectivity, Funds Transfer functionality and Accredited Investor Verification

● Blockchain Integration and Recording of Investment Transactions

● Our proprietary CRM to engage prospects, nurture leads, sign & manage investors

● Our proprietary Multi-channel Marketing and Communications Platform

● Cap Table Management

● Accounting System Integration

EquityBrix is creating a Network of Private-labeled, Fractional Investment Real Estate Marketplaces and Strategic Partners. Current EquityBrix Strategic Partners include:

Bettr Homes - Fractional Investment Marketplace Partner

● Real Capital Group - Fractional Investment Marketplace Partner

Casper Labs – Blockchain Network Partner

SoftLedger – Integrated Accounting System Partner

About EquityBrix
EquityBrix is Pioneering The Future of Private Investing and Wealth Creation™

EquityBrix is a Seattle metro-based, fractional real estate investing platform provider that helps make real estate investment and ownership more accessible, and more liquid by providing a network of fractional, private-labeled real estate investment marketplaces to commercial and residential developers and property owners, seamlessly connected to the EquityBrix Secondary Aftermarket Trading Exchange, to create investment liquidity for both investors and asset owners.

EquityBrix provides the tools and resources needed to make it easier to automate, raise capital, and grow a real estate business or any business. Learn more by visiting www.EquityBrix.com.

For additional information, contact:
Bruce Worrall, CEO @ BruceW@EquityBrix.com
Corey Donahue, Chief Investment Officer @ CoreyD@EquityBrix.com

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